World Aids Day 2014

Aids stands for Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome a condition which is caused by the HIV virus. People are not born with the virus, they get infected with the virus when exposed. Immunodeficiency means that that the defenses inside the body are not enough to eliminate the virus as they are damaged by it. People with Aids has a poor immune system, and they are exposed to plenty of life threatening diseases.

It is believed that HIV started as a mutation od the Simian Immunodeficiency Virus from apes to humans, by probably a human getting in touch with blood of the animal infected blood, and was later spread by sex workers and dirty needles in Africa. Being HIV positive does not mean having AIDS, as the virus may be inactive for years, but once illnesses appear, AIDS stays for the rest of the patient’s life, as there are treatments but there is not a cure yet.

December 1st has been the World Aids Day since 1998, a day in which several countries around the world participate to raise awareness, eliminate stigmas and fight against this condition through donation. Usually, a red ribbon is worn to show support. world aids day 2014 statement by NIH has noted a remarkable progress through the years.

Pre Owned Engagement Rings Advantages

There are many people who thinks that wearing pre owned engagement rings is a bad omen, that that ring may be there for sale because the couple di not work out and may have some negative energy and some people do not consider this option because do not want to wear a ring someone else already did. However, a used engagement ring have many advantages, so try to reconsider this option if you are about to buy a ring.

The main advantage is that you will be probably getting a better-quality diamond in a used ring than in a new ring. The price is considerably less as it has been used. There are distributers of used rings that manage to separate diamonds from the ring to make a new unique ring from separated used rings so customers can get a unique piece with better quality for less price.

Of you are already considering this option, then you should know that the best place to buy them is a Jewelry store or a Pawn Shop. You can also find some used designer rings online at E-Bay, Etsy and IDoNowIDon’t. However, if you are looking for real diamond certification, the best online places to buy are Brilliant Earth, Adin and Turtle Love.

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